The official site for Tracking Fire, a documentary chronicles an unsolved case of arson that resulted in the murder of thirty-two people.

On a June night in New Orleans, 1973, hate raged up the steps of a men’s bar and consumed thirty-two people. The authorities called it arson. Others said it was God’s own hand. No one was ever charged for the crime.

 My focus is to tell the story of what happened, honor the victims, their friends and family, not allow their memory and the event to become forgotten. and remain unknown outside of the city of New Orleans. It is also my intention to present a way for healing to replace the pain of circumstance and to offer a healthy solution for personal conflict, to find an appropriate resolution. 

Far too often, people still continue to struggle with their sexual identity. Some take their conflict out on themselves or even on other people. I hope to contribute towards a better awareness for the general public and LGBT communities that we can be more supportive of the struggles of sexual identity, and that it needn’t end in violence.

It is my goal to enter this film is national and international film festivals, such as Sundance. Additionally, It is also my intention to allow this film to be used for educational purposes in classroom settings, public events, ect. at no charge.