Tracking Fire is the documentary of the worst mass-killings in LGBT history in the U.S. – the Upstairs Lounge fire and Pulse nightclub shootings.

The parallels between these two tragedies are heartbreaking, far too similar and significantly different in how public leaders are responding. In light of these profound significances, we have restructured Tracking Fire to combine the stories of the UpStairs Lounge fire and Orlando shootings.

On a sweltering June night in New Orleans, 1973, hate raged up the steps of a gay bar and consumed thirty-two people. The authorities called it arson. Others claimed it was God’s own hand. No one was ever charged for the crime.

Forty-three years later, in the dark hours of a June night, hate claimed another forty-nine lives. The whole world came together in love and support.

In the end, love still wins.